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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to observe humpback whales in their natural calving and mating grounds here in Samana Bay. Thousands of humpbacks visit the bay annually, and as many as 300 are present at any given time during mating season. Samana Bay is one of the best places in the world to watch whales. A truly unforgettable experience

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Every year, thousands of Humpback Whales start their journey from the cold waters in the North Atlantic to the Caribbean. More than 1,500 of them visit the Bay of Samana which gives us a presence of about 300 Humpback Whales at any time during the Whale Season (January 20 to March 20). The World Wildlife Fund considers the Bay of Samana as one of the best places in the world to watch the Whales.

Leaving from the Punta Cana hotels we’ll enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the Oriental Mountain Range north of Punta Cana before arriving in the small fishing village of Miches at the southern shores of Samana Bay. Here, you’ll enjoy a light breakfast before being transported, by boat, to Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island because of it close resemblance to the beaches Bacardi Rum once used for their famous commercials. Cayo Levantado is nothing short of a tropical oasis – a small island in the middle of the ocean with turquoise waters and white sands. Lunch will be served in this beautiful tropical setting.

From Cayo Levantado, the excursion continues, by boat, deeper into the Samana Bay to observe humpback whales. Sightings are incredibly common and the whales are frisky! Enjoy the jumps and playfulness of these incredible creatures, making for unforgettable photographs.

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