Weekend in Las Terrenas, DR (Dudu Lagoon, La Cascada el Limón and Playa Cosón & las Canas)

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We decided to spend a long weekend in Las Terrenas, in the North East of the Dominican Republic (Samaná Peninsula).

The travel itinerary included driving from Playa Encuentro via Dudu Lagoon to Las Terrenas. We then visited Playa Cosón which is next to the famous Playa Bonita and only around 5 minutes outside the town of Las Terrenas. Playa Cosón needs a larger swell for the surf to work but it was fun regardless.

The next day was a whistle stop tour of Cascada El Limón (a.k.a Salto el Limon or Limon Waterfall) where you can see and swim in 3 different waterfalls. We decided to walk the 1.5km but you can also get a horseback ride to the waterfalls. We ended the weekend with an afternoon trip to Playa Las Canas which is a beautiful and secluded beach North East of Las Terrenas.

0:00 – Intro
1:17 – Dudu Lagoon
5:03 – Drive to Las Terrenas
6:18 – Playa Cosón
7:25 – Cascada El Limón
10:53 – Walk to Playa Las Canas
13:39 – Playa Las Canas

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go on a whale watching trip (February/March is whale watching season in Samaná).

– Shot on Gopro Hero 9 Black & Hero 8 Black
– Mavic Mini Drone
– Music from Epidemic Sound

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