Visit El Limon waterfall on peninsula Samana by mules | Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2021

The breathtaking and spectacular over 50 meters high El Limon waterfall is located on the Samana Peninsula on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and is probably the most spectacular natural attraction in the region. It can be reached by mules. From the surrounding towns of Las Terreans, Las Galeras and the city of Samana, well-maintained roads lead to the sleepy mountain village of El Limon, from where you can walk through the lush vegetation to the waterfall.

The walk from the main road to the waterfall takes up to an hour, depending on the starting point. For an extra charge, you can also do the walk on the back of mules, which adds an adventurous touch à la Indiana Jones to the whole expedition. We recommend to take a guide for two mules, because the animals can be very stubborn. The locals are happy to accompany the travelers. The way to El Limon leads through a breathtaking landscape with dense rainforest and exotic plants, through seemingly untouched nature and through the middle of watercourses.

Arriving at the waterfall, most mouths remain open in amazement. The El Limon plunges in three cascades over 50 meters into a natural basin. Its crystal clear waters lend themselves to a refreshing swim in absolutely imposing surroundings. The guides wait patiently until you have had your fill of the spectacular scenery.

Back in El Limon, you can enjoy an excellent typical Dominican dinner in one of El Limon’s cozy restaurants.

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