The Five Pranas that fuels functional systems of body ( Prana – Apana – Samana – Vyana – Udana )

This video by Geetha M Kanthasamy talks about, what is Prana and what are the five pranas that work on various functional systems of our body. Prana influences our mind and fuels our system at the physical level, energy level and mental level. Prana is available everywhere, But most of the time we are not able to absorb that prana into our system in abundance. Yogic practices helps one to absorb prana from the universe and once absorbed, it manifests as five different kinds of vayu, to take care of various functions in our body mind complex. Like how you hava an organization running with different departments, Prana divides and functions as 5 different vayus called pancha prana. So when we have a specific problem such as chest infection, indigestion, constipation, we know which Prana to work on. Each and every asana or pranayama practices in Yoga influences one or two pranas. Watch the video to understand all about it in detail.

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