Scooter trip from Las Galeras to Las Terrenas

The scooter ride back from Las Galeras to Las Terrenas was a lot nicer in regards to weather. We had Sunshine the whole day. One thing we wanted to warn everybody thinking of taking this journey, watch out for the potholes after you get out of Las Galeras. They are very big and deep and in many cases they come up on you so quickly you can’t move the scooter in time. One of the things we did that was really cool on the way home was stop at the Treehouse hotels. Right before you enter into Samana take the Zip Line Road to the right and drive all the way to the end. This video shows what it looks like. It’s about a ten-minute hike into the rope swing, treehouse hotel and swimming pool area. It’s really cool to see and we highly suggest that you make time on your way home to check this place out. If asked if we would do the drive from Las Galeras to Las Terrenas again? We probably would but not for a while. We feel like we got lucky in a few instances in regards to not hitting the potholes. We also had two people on the scooter plus a huge backpack so that was making it tougher as well. If you’re experienced Riders it’s not a bad drive at all. Hope you enjoy the video

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