Samana Mudra /Samana Mudra Benefits/Samana Vayu Mudra/Mudra For All Diseases

Samana Mudra /Samana Mudra Benefits/Samana Vayu Mudra/Mudra For All Diseases

samana mudra is formed by joining tips of all fingers directing towards sky
samana mudra balances the samana vayu of prana vayus
saman mudra balances the all elements of our body , so vatta , pitta and kapha are in balance state
according to acupressure , in samana mudra all the points of pituitary gland or brain are pressed so , there is balanced hormonal release from the pituitary gland , and this hormones control all the glands of our body , so our body works in good healthy condition

basic science of hasta mudra :
hast mudra – hand pose or hand posture :
science of mudra is the essence of deep meditation and research of our ancient yogic saints
by doing these mudras you can stimulates and activates all your muscles and endocrine glands
so you can change your nature and your personality by doing these mudras
all mudras are like keys for our inner hidden power and energy , by doing these mudras all our negative vibrations will be eliminated ,and there is balanced flow of energy in our body , so our body becomes healthy ,
you will not only get physical benefits , but also spiritual and psychological benefits
basic science of mudra :
like universe is made of five elements , our body is also made five elements , like agni – fire , vayu – air , akash – sky , prithvi – earth , jal – water
our all fingers represent all these five elements as below

thumb represents agni
index finger – vayu
middle finger – akash
ring finger – prithvi
little finger – jal

if you put finger to the tip of thumb , there is stimulation of that energy of that finger ,and if you put finger to the root of thumb, there is sedation of the energy of that finger

all can do these mudras
you should do mudras with both hands
right hand pose will benefits to left side of body and left side pose to right side of body
you should do mudra maximum 45 minutes in a day in one sitting or 15 – 15 minutes in morning and in the evening
do mudra 30 minutes after meal . only vayu mudra you can do directly after meal
if you do all these mudra in padmasana ,or vajrasana , or during meditation , it will give excellent results

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