Samana Ecolodge – Live the Adventure

Over a year ago, in May of 2019, I got the incredible opportunity to spend two weeks in the Dominican Republic, filming a short promo video for a nice guy named Ben Bryant, who owns and runs an up-and-coming sustainable eco-lodge in El Limon, Samana. Ben and I became good friends during our stay there, and I was thrilled to be able to help him out. When I got back to NYC, it took me three weeks to finish editing the final cut, before I flew back out to the DR to begin working on another video series that would later be That Jungle Life. It was there, just as Ben’s video was exporting that my computer spontaneously crashed from what I would find out later was an accumulation of moisture under the circuit board. I lost everything.

I did not have the time nor the technical expertise to retrieve and re-edit all the lost data, so I had to tell Ben that I would not be able to deliver the final video. We were both devastated. I had spent every single day for five weeks straight working to release the video, yet I had nothing to show for and no way of repaying my friend. As much as it hurt, I had to forget about it and move on.

Fast forward 16 months, the world falls into a global pandemic, life comes to a halt, and suddenly I have nothing to do.

Let’s just say I figured it was a good time to repay an old favor =)

For those who watched the video until the end
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