Playa Rincon Samana Republica Dominicana

Rated by Conde Nast Travel magazine as one of the prettiest beaches in the world (and unquestionably the best in the Caribbean), Playa Rincon is bordered on three sides by mountainous ridges and features thousands of coconut palms as the backdrop for it’s 1 ½ miles of panoramic, sandy strand. At one end of the white sand beach is a cove with protected waters that are ideal for swimming or just “soaking,” sitting in the refreshing water with a cold drink in one’s hand on a hot day. A rocky point forms the cove’s eastern shore and snorkeling along its rocks is popular. There are also several other reefs and rocky patches close in to Playa Rincon’s sweeping shoreline where the snorkeling is also good. Several restaurants are situated by the cove and in addition to serving good food, beach chairs may be rented there.

At the other end of the beach is the Cano Frio, a small, freshwater stream that forms a natural border between the beach and the steep edge of the mountainous Cabo Cabron National Park. It winds its way to the bay from about a mile back in the foothills where it originates from several small, natural springs.

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