Playa Rincón Caño Frío Las Galeras Samaná Dominican Republic Beaches 4K drone DJI Mavic mini

Playa Rincon Beach Caño Frio Samana Dominican Republic 4K

Rincon Beach, mentioned within the five most beautiful beaches of the world, is located at a remote part of the Dominican Republic in between two well known capes (cabos): Cabo Cabron and Cabo Samana.
Located on the Samana Peninsula, between “Cabo Cabron” and “Cabo Samana” this magnificent bay with white sands is one of the five most beautiful beaches in the world. A small river called “Caño Frio” passes the bay and you may enjoy a refreshing bath in its’ cool water.
This stunning emerald-colored river doubles as a popular natural swimming pool where it meets the ocean on the western end of Playa Rincón. Residents and visitors love to cool off here, before or after enjoying fresh fish and lobster–cooked on nearby fire hearths by multiple food vendors–away from the tourist throngs on the eastern side of the beach. Walk farther back from the ocean following the river, and you’ll end up in denser forest, where Río Caño Frío’s mangrove-lined waters turn turquoise, even crisper and fresher. You’ll think you’ve found the Garden of Eden.
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