I am SO OBSESSED with Playa Frontón! Can’t believe I haven’t been here yet, but I am sooo happy we got to check it out. This is right off of Las Galeras, on the North East coast of the Dominican Republic! Personally, this is now one of my favorite beaches in the dominican republic.

This was part of our Samana trip, and we just spent a couple of hours at Playa Frontón. As you can see, we took a small boat over from Villa Serena hotel in Las Galeras. It was probably about 15-20 minutes on the boat.. once we pulled up you see the absolute bluest water. You can also snorkel here, as well as climb the mountain!! I saw photos of other people hiking/climbing/rapelling off of that huge mountain you see in front of the beach. If you are looking for excursions or the best things to do in the dominican republic, you need to visit samana, las terrenas, and las galeras. Take a boat to Playa Frontón too! We were literally the only people on the beach and it felt like an absolute paradise. We bought fresh coconuts and coconut bread too!

being an expat in the dominican republic has allowed me to visit so many gorgeous places on the island. I prefer to see places off resorts and away from huge crowds..this place checked all of the boxes. Dominicans are some of the warmest people ever, so you will be welcome into nearly anyones home here… just make sure its in this part! haha. I love sharing little pieces of my life in the dominican republic as an american with you all.

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If this is the first video of mine you’re watching: Hi! My name is Mills and I moved from New York to the Dominican Republic alone in July 2017! I lived in Jarabacoa for a year, and am now in Santiago de los Caballeros. I just started this channel to document my experiences living abroad and as an American, female expat overseas, and would love for you to subscribe to follow my journey!

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