PHUNGJIRI PALAM by Samana Fombo & Dilip Furumbo/Yuma Official Video

Fungjiri Palam फुङजिरी पालाम
Lyrics/Music : Samana Fombo
Vocal : Samana Fombo & Friends
Arrange : Sham Limbu
Artiste : Debendra/Khusbu
Camera/Edit : Chandra Furumbo
Direction : Dilip Furumbo
C&P : Yuma Arts

Yuma Arts
Yuma Cassette & Culture Center
Proprietor – Khagendra Kumar Limbu (Khagendra Yakso)
Contact Us for — Complete Music Solution – Song Recording, Arrange, Music Compose, Music Video, Studio Video, Cultural Music Video, Editing, Direction, Documentary, Film, Making, Limbuwan IDOL – Yuma Arts – Pho 977-1-4439091//Mob : 9841265514 // Po Box : 21572- Kathmandu Nepal Email – Tube – Yuma Arts // website : – Yuma Arts //Khagendra Yakso

WARNING:- Copyright to this content is vested in Yuma Arts, so if this content is found to be re-uploaded to any other channel or social media Yuma Arts will be subject to the strictest legal action. In addition, No association or individual (television, cable TV, online media, radio FM) will be allowed to use this content for commercial purposes. Permission or agreement from Yuma Arts will be required , must have Yuma Arts approval before broadcasting the song’s audio or video. is mandatory.
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