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There are basically two types of people in the world; the ones that love kids and the ones that hate them. The ones that love kids are mostly their parents, and the ones that hate them are mostly everyone else. One common practise in today’s world is people posting their children’s dance videos and fancy dress photos on social media. One more is showing the same live whenever we visit them. Our own Uttara Karnataka stand-up comedian, Raghavendra Acharya, stresses the same matter and creates a complete stand-up act which is sure to make you laugh your gut out.

Namdu K has brought to us the third season of their stand up comedy videos to give us unlimited fun and this is the first act in the list. Enjoy the video and do comment if you love kids or not. Also, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to keep us motivated in doing more funny stand up videos.

Raghavendra Acharya

Shot by:
DimNDip Studios

Camera Persons:
Navya Kadame


Sound Engineer:
Sanju Manju

Raghavendra Acharya

Vyoma Art Space & Studio, Bengaluru

Video Sponsorer:
The Detox Box

Special Thanks to Anusha for the Video Description

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