Las Terrenas Samana 4K Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas Samana 4K Dominican Republic
Las Terrenas is a town on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic, located in the province of Samaná. It is known for its scenic landscapes, white sand beaches and clear waters

Las Terrenas was founded in 1946, when then-President Rafael Leonidas Trujillo ordered the rural inhabitants of Santo Domingo to resettle in the town as farmers and fishermen. Las Terrenas was then a small fishing village isolated from the rest of the country.

Over the years the village’s old fishermen’s cabins have been slowly transformed into bars, restaurants and shops.

Samana was a slave trade port for the British in the early seventeenth century. Today, inhabitants are a combination of Taino, Spanish, West Indian and African slaves.

The name Las Terrenas originates from the French la terrienne (the landlord).

Aerial Drone shots Taken with Autel EVO in 4K 60fps
Music by MU Music
Songs: Essence of chill
Rhythmic Obsessions

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