Kaio Natural Aquarium Las Galeras [RD] 4K

The natural aquarium of Kaio Morita, a Japanese biologist, has created natural aquariums near the beach of Las Galeras in dozens of years. The visit is particularly recommended for families with children!
You snorkel with Kaio through the created coral reef. Larger and smaller fish are attracted with living food and shape the underwater picture together with many colorful corals. You dive into another world. Highly recommended especially for inexperienced snorkelers, because it is so safe to explore this world, ideal for getting started!
We did this more often on vacation, because depending on the time of day and the open sea there were always other fish species to be seen. With a small boat you drive together to the marked area of the natural aquarium, fantastic!

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Playlist: Caribbean Travel
Location: Las Galeras RD
Song: Marin Hoxha & Clasio – Spirit
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Video Link: https://youtu.be/qYJR9MBCJ-o

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