Grand Bahia Principe el Portillo Samana 2018

Discover the beautiful Dominican Republic resort, Grand Bahia Principe el Portillo Samana.
Hope you enjoy the video of my stay here.
My name is Sandi and I am the spiritual traveler behind the Traveling Foot website and the Traveling Foot YouTube channel and the Zen Adventures YouTube channel. I have traveled to many countries exploring the culture and spirituality/religion of each place I visit, immersing myself with the locals and their culture from the inside. I have expanded my mind and soul through meditation for over 20 years. I studied Buddhism for 10 years and studied Hinduism with the locals of Bali, Indonesia. I am also a certified Reiki practitioner. Join me on her Zen Adventures as I explore the outer world through travels and the inner world through self full introspection. I have a passion for being in service to others. And get really excited seeing people open up their perception of the world to the expansive universe surrounding them and inside of them. Join me as I share my favourite places in the world, travel tips, spiritual lessons and spiritual guidance to help you live a more self aware and fulfilling life.
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