Dominican Videographer – Playa Fronton Samana

I am a videographer who films in The Dominican Republic and with Celebration Resort Villas. We create top quality destination wedding films that truly show off you and your vacation week. We use the best equipment and techniques to make fun, compelling travel film and videos.

Today, Alejandro and boat captain Carlos are taking friends Brandi, Daniella and Lucelia to see one of the most secluded and secret beaches in all of the Dominican, Playa Fronton. Backing up to the Sierra de Samana Mountains, there are no roads or direct access to the beach as it lies beneath steep hundred foot cliffs, so the best way to access its pristine waters and white sand beaches it by boat, and the best captain for the excursion is Carlos.

There is a captivating history around Samana Bay, as it was a stop for Christopher Columbus on his last trip to the new world. Today you’ll find many small fisherman catching fresh eats for the local restaurants.

Every year about 2000 humpback whales come into Samana bay to mate and reproduce and is considered one of the best places for viewing humpback whales in the world. However, since they often dive below the waters, they can be very hard to spot.

Playa fronton remains such a secluded beach because only the smallest of boats, with the most experienced captains can navigate the rocks to safely, but once you do, you’ll be rewarded with an unspoiled paradise like no other.

The natural coral reef of playa fronton, coupled with the crystal clear water makes for some of the best snorkeling in the Dominican, and the temperature of these waters, makes for the perfect introduction to the beach.

Whether you just want to relax and enjoy the crystal clear waters, or venture onto the beach to see what treasures await you, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more peaceful way to spend an afternoon.
Once on the beach, you’ll discover a shell pickers paradise, with millions of unbroken pieces of coral and shells for the ideal collection.

So if you find yourself in Samana, be sure to make Playa Fronton a must do adventure.

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