Dominican Republic Samana Zipline Destination Excursion – 4K UHD

An amazing time at the Walk the Plank Zipline in Samana, Dominican Republic. Always part of a great excursion video after a wedding. We are destination videographers for the Dominican Republic.

There is absolutely nothing like flying through the tree tops at Walk the Plank zipline in Samana Dominican Republic. This exciting and terrifying-in-the-best-way experience is the perfect activity for adventurous wedding parties. Any pre-wedding jitters or post-wedding anxiety will fly right out the window as you sail across the beautiful Caribbean forest.

Zipline rides are like walking down the aisle: all the planning and pep-talks dissolve as soon as you take that first step. It goes at an exhilarating speed, once you realize what you’re doing- it’s over! Our GoPro cameras help capture each moment of excitement for you to relive as often as you want.

Walk the Plank is staffed by expert zipline attendants who want to make sure your birds-eye view of the island is a happy one. Once you’ve ridden the line, mellow out from the endorphin rush in the calming waters of Lulu waterfall. This spectacular outing allows you to experience the wonders of nature from all perspectives.

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