Best Beaches In Samana, Dominican Republic (1)


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What’s good people? Dominican beaches are among the best in the world! In my opinion they ARE the best. But most people don’t get to explore them because when they come to the Dominican Republic they usually get bussed into Punta Cana and stay at their resort’s beach… which is ok but you’re also missing out on the real beauty.
The province of Samana is a region that has some of the most incredible beaches. Samana is also really easy to get to because its only about a 2 hour drive from the Santo Domingo airport. Its one highway that takes you straight there and its a beautiful drive on its own.There are so many things about Samana to mention so this will be part 1 of 2 videos that I’ll be doing.

First let’s talk about Playa Coson. Playa Coson is a beautiful beach that sits right underneath mountains, it’s lined with palm and coconut trees. I spent my time there taking naps and dipping into the water whenever I got too hot. The beach isn’t crowded….you will see some foot traffic but not enough to distract you or wake you if you want to nap. There are other hotels and homes on the beach which is where most of the foot traffic comes from … but for the most part things were nice and quiet. The beach is also really long so its perfect for sunsets. Thankfully the sand wasn’t filled with much seaweed growth which a lot of places in the Caribbean tend to suffer from.If you aren’t staying at a hotel thats on the beach bring your own food and drinks or get a day pass at any hotel (I recommend Sublime).

Next Cayo Levantado.
Cayo Levantado is a small island off the coast of Samana. It’s also called Bacardi Beach or Bacardi Island for many reasons including that it was used for a Bacardi commercial in the 80s but thats never been proven. When people think of the perfect beach setting this place is what they’re thinking about! I mean WOW!Look at this place! As beautiful as this place is I do have to warn you: It gets really crowded so get there early to grab a good shaded spot on the beach. There are beach chairs rentals and you don’t need to bring your own food and drinks unless you want to. Theres a big dinning hall in the middle of the island where you can get great food and drinks – all at decent prices. The other cool thing about this spot is that there’s a really nice hotel on the island called Bahia Principle Luxury Cayo Levantado. It’s worth a stay if you like the vibes but book well ahead of time because it sells out frequently. You can only access Playa Fronton by boat so if you’re staying at the hotel you can make arrangements with them. You can also arrange a day trip with any hotel you’re staying at in the area. Otherwise, you can easily find a captain and boat at a marina nearby. Just make sure you do research ahead of time and go with a reputable person.

Next lets talk about Playa Fronton!
This beach is really picturesque, this is a virgin beach that perfectly nestled under these amazing cliffs. You can only get there via a boat from Las Galeras – which is at the eastern tip of Samana province – so it’s a bit of a road trip before you make it to the actual boat. Its a pretty dramatic scene when you get there because you’re on this little boat looking at cliffs and all of a sudden this beach pops up. It reminds me of the scene in Jurassic Park when people are arriving at the island. In fact, I’ve been there twice and both times people who were on my boat started humming the Jurassic Park theme song. There’s plenty of space here so even if there are a lot of people you’ll still be able to stretch out. On top of that feel free to explore the nearby areas, theres another beach past these rock formations. If you’re planning on staying here a while make sure to bring your own food and drinks since there are no stands to purchase anything.Well thats all I got for now stay tuned for part 2 of this video that will include other incredible beaches in the Samana peninsula. If you found this video helpful please hit the like and subscribe button! And I’ll catch you next time.

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