You NEED to See This Place! Unreal Dominican Republic. Travel to Las Terrenas Samana 2022 🏝 🇩🇴

In this video we’re exploring the absolutely incredible beaches in Las Terrenas, Samana, the Dominican Republic. Samana is known for having some of the best beaches in all of the Dominican Republic.

We start out near town, just outside of our hotel at Playa Las Ballenas. This is one of the most central beaches in Las Terrenas. We take a walk along the beach, which seems to be wavier than usual and also fly the drone to get a better view.

Because the weather wasn’t great, we pick things up on the next day. This time we head a bit outside of town, park our car at Playa Calolima and walk to the absolutely incredible Playa El Anclón. This is one the most incredible beaches we’ve been to in the Dominican Republic. The water was calm and there was hardly anyone around.

Lastly we head to a highly recommended beach, Playa Bonita. Playa Bonita is best known for being a surfing beach. Here we have lunch and take a walk.

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0:00 Welcome to Las Terrenas
1:04 Playa Las Ballenas
3:36 Walking the Empty Beaches
6:01 Playa El Anclón
8:14 Playa Bonita
11:33 We love the Dominican Republic
12:32 Wrap Up

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Samaná 😎 Republica Dominicana 😎 Conoce las Ballenas Jorobadas 😎Sus Playas LUGARES DE MI TIERRA 😎2020

Conoce a Samaná Republica Dominicana, sus Ballenas Jorobadas y sus Cálidas y Hermosas Playas, que invitan al turismo interno, ven a conocer y disfrutar en un ambiente caribeño, vive tus mejores aventuras y vacaciones en este Destino Turístico Del Caribe.
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