NIGHTMARE TRAVEL DAY in the Dominican Republic 😩 Travel to Las Terrenas in Samana

This week’s video will be a bit different than usual! We’re heading to Las Terrenas (Samana, Dominican Republic) from Cabarete, however, things don’t go at all as planned.

We had six nights planned in Las Terrenas but we required a 4 wheel drive to get up to the villa we planned to stay at, which was outside of the town of Las Terrenas, and up a very steep hill. After our rental arrived that was not a 4 wheel drive we hunted around for another car with no luck.

The next day we left in a much smaller call that was definitely not a 4 wheel drive but we decided to try it anyway. After making the 3 hour drive from Cabarete to Las Terrenas along the north coast of the Dominican Republic the car couldn’t make it up the very steep, wet hill and we were left scrambling to find accommodations in Las Terrenas.

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0:00 We left Cabarete for Las Terrenas
0:51 Car Rental Mayhem
4:07 Pitt Stop in Nagua
5:00 Grocery Shopping in Las Terrenas
6:20 Will we make it?
7:53 Now What? Trying to find a place
11:22 Las Terrenas Golden Hour
13:01 Wrap Up


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Grand Paradise Samana

This all-inclusive resort is located on the Samaná Bay at Las Galeras, 45 minutes from Arroyo Barril National Airport and 25 minutes from the town of Samaná. Amidst an exotic and unspoiled natural environment, this resort is an ideal spot for travelers with a free and adventurous spirit, who delight in natural milieus, or for those who seek leisure and rest. Amidst this quiet and serene setting, more active guests can enjoy the full range of recreational facilities, activities, programs, adventure sports and eco-tourism excursions. ​

Location: Las Galeras, Samaná
Phone: 809 538 0020

Hospital de Samaná en cuidados intensivos / Una oración por la salud de nuestro Huchi Lora

Una oración por la salud de nuestro Huchi Lora
Huchi Lora se encuentra estable tras evento cerebral.

Transmisión en vivo desde Santa Bárbara de Samaná
Con Iván Ruiz, buscando soluciones para Samaná / Samaná merece más

Alquilar El Polideportivo no es un Juego
De película, Polideportivo como un almacén
Conflicto por el alquiler del polideportivo para el ser utilizado como deposito para una empresa cinematográfica, la comunidad quiere saber que ha pasado con los ingresos del alquiler.

Una ayuda muy saludable para Samaná
Señora Mariselsa Capy de la comunidad de Samaná con sus propios recursos arreglo la única ambulancia de Samaná y se compromete a comprar una ambulancia nueva para la comunidad Samanence.
Hospital de Samaná en cuidados intensivos.

Gerald Ogando con mucho humor.

Video que se ha viralizado de unos transportistas peleando a puños, palos, botellas, al parecer por que uno de ellos es un transportista pirata.

Este sábado a las 6 pm Énfasis con Ángel Rondón


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