A Day Trip to Las Galeras on the Samana Peninsula Part 5

Continuing on with our Las Galeras day trip we pull over to one of many scenic spots. While enjoying a cold drink, Cole and I discuss the day and what a great time we’re having. Currently we’re about 15 KM’s out of Las Galeras when we contemplate extending this into an overnight trip. For now it’s fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the T-bird away. I’ll be inserting a short clip to keep you all abreast as to the modification to extend a great time. This is why we love traveling with no restrictions. I never know what direction I’ll be heading on my road trips. Looks like we’re backtracking towards Playa Rincon first. Las Galeras has just been shifted into tomorrow’s adventure. This equates to a lot more terrain to cover so anyone needing the restroom before strapping back in now’s your chance. Until next time, Barry in DR.

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